Quotes and Poems

Kingfisher quote post 0717.002

Published in Do South Magazine, June 2017, page 12

Twisted Wood0618

Maslow quote JMT Warnock
John Muir Trail thru-hike in July of 2016

This poem was written a few weeks after one of our students committed suicide in his home. Under My Watch042918

Quote Bernard Kleina .001

Bernard Kleina captured what I sometimes feel when planning a trip. This Grand Canyon climb was a confidence-builder. The best challenges are those we’re not fully qualified to accept.

Quote Muir RMNP Tom C.001

A special spot in the Rocky Mountain National Park

Quote Leaf Lenses.001

Quote Oliver Moth Mountains Rivers.001

Quote Mother Teresa.001

Quote Tillich .001

I apologize for the following comment related to politics, but the number of glossy political ads we were receiving seemed to demand a response of some type.

Political Flyer0518

Quote Emerson shoes .001Oboz Firebrand hiking shoes (new and used)

Grand Canyon Roosevelt quote.001
From a winter backpacking trip.

Quote Mary Oliver Look & See.001
Crystal Prong on the Ouachita Trail

Quote Mary Oliver Mindful .001

This heart-shaped frost flower was next to the Ozark Highlands Trail on a January morning.

Quote Mary Oliver Snow Geese  copy

Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area

Quote Mary Chapin Carpenter  copy

Small creek crossing close to the Chancel Trail Head on the Ozark Highlands Trail.

Quote Earl Shafer Canyon

Quote Cable 1 .001

Spirits Creek following a night of heavy rain.

Quotes Maya Angelou.001

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