Some Things Never Get Old

Hiker-dog and I walked the Lake Alma Trail after a good rain to see how McWater Falls was rolling. We weren’t disappointed. We’re never disappointed when walking this trail. It’s special in all seasons, but be sure to check for ticks after walking it this time of year.

McWater Falls are named after Harry McWater who had the vision for a trail around Lake Alma.

McWater Falls from above

6 thoughts on “Some Things Never Get Old

  1. Hi Jim, Kyle Dennis here, my daughter Kyla and I met you at Hercules Glade several years ago. At the time you were thinking about a new camera. I was using a Canon G12 point and shoot but don’t recall what you had. I switched to a Fujifilm X-100F and really like it. I also bought the X-T3 but it is too bulky and heavy for routine hiking although it has been to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. I am curious what you are using now? -Kyle ________________________________

    • Great to hear from you again. Hercules Wilderness was a while back. I’m ready to see it again in the fall. I got a Canon E7x which I believe was just an updated version of what I had when we met. Or, it might be the same camera I had. I’m always interested in a new camera but tend to use them completely up before replacing. You made a great choice with that Fujifim cam. I’ve looked at them several times.

  2. Beautiful for sure. We walked it a couple of weeks ago. We hadn’t been there in a good bit and started from the other side of the dam. The new trails were confusing and we only saw McWater Falls from above. How do you feel about the new paths?

    • I’m very excited about the new paths. They’re going to be more erosion resistant and safer for walking and bike riding though routes are a little confusing right now while under construction. There will be a clearly marked spur to the lower part of McWater Falls eventually. Right now you can go a little ways on the upper trail past the falls and then drop down to the lower trail.

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