Hardware Collage

WordPress Photo Challenge: Collage


I love a good hardware store, but never thought to pull the camera from my belt while visiting one! That is until I visited Walrod’s Hardware. This is a Fort Smith treasure and reminiscent of The Tool Room in South Arkansas that my dad and I often visited when I was a teenager.

On this day, I was driving my dad from a doctor’s appointment and commented that we needed to take a little field trip. What I found were collages that appeared random, but ask Jerry, the owner, for the most obscure of items, and you’ll see that there is a practical organization that works. With experienced eyes, he effortlessly points out the item on a busy shelf. 

I was overwhelmed by the choice of hammers!

I now have an appreciation for the beauty of screw-eyes and u-bolts!

IMG_2240rrThough this galvanized watering can seemed out of place atop the ratchet sets and next to the nuts-and-bolts isle, it stood out with an artistic flair.

Here are a few scenes from our hardware collage field trip.



Walrod’s Hardware
2113 Midland Blvd.
Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72904

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