Natural Arch on Clifty Creek: The weight of beauty

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Natural Arch on Clifty Creek in the Missouri Ozarks

Northwest of Rolla, Missouri, Little Clifty Creek merges with the main channel of Clifty Creek by way of this Natural Arch. With rock weighing approximately 170 pounds per cubic foot, I was a bit nervous and awed when walking underneath this massive arch. Though solid and standing in its present form for several human lifetimes, it was carved by the relentless force of water (62.5 lbs. per cubic foot) over time. Its form is still subject to change today.


Hiker-dog and the Natural Arch

I appreciated Hiker-dog posing to provide a sense of scale as I took a picture from the other side of the arch.  She weighs as much as one cubic foot of water, and I’m just under the weight of one cubic foot of stone. As impressive as the Natural Arch is due to its size and weight, I was even more awed by a quality that has no weight by the cubic foot; its beauty!