Celebrating Health and Enjoying the Dog

View of the Mulberry River on the drive to Redding Loop Trail.

View of the Mulberry River on the drive to Redding Loop Trail.

Nothing makes you appreciate a good hike like being sick. I wondered if I had the flu, but I suppose it was just an “uncommon” cold.  I was miserable!  There wasn’t any question about getting rest.  I couldn’t do anything but rest for several days.

Doing the 8.3-mile Redding Loop and Spy Rock today made me feel healthy again.  Cold air, sunny skies, and some good hills to climb.  It felt like a celebration hike.


Hiker was ready to get out, too.  She’s been patient while waiting for her master to return to the trail.  She had never done the Spy Rock portion of this hike, but the open woods were just to her liking.   Hiker provided continuous entertainment from the first half-mile when she gave energetic pursuit to three deer on the trail.


Hiker enjoying a break at Spy Rock.

When I noticed Hiker lounging at Spy Rock, I thought, “Someone’s going sleep well tonight.”  It was January 20th when this unlikely trail partner joined our family.  She’s added consistency to my hiking and been good company on the trail.  I’m pleased that she enjoys going to the woods despite the fact she almost starved to death in the Ozarks.  I think she likes her new home.

Tonight I gave Hiker an extra large serving to make up for the miles she traveled today.  Sometimes she sleeps inside her house and sometimes beside it in cedar shavings under a little awning.  With colder temperatures on the way, I added some dry leaves on the back side of her cedar bed.  She was asleep quickly after eating and never made another sound.

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