“Driving the Buffalo” in Do South Magazine

Eric Scowden, Photographer

Buffalo River photo by Eric Scowden

Below is the link to an article I wrote for a wonderful regional publication, Do South Magazine. I always learn a lot by doing this type of writing. I want to say a special word of thanks to an outstanding local photographer who allowed me to use a couple of his photos. The opening photo showing a panorama of the Buffalo River and the elk photograph were both by Eric Scowden.

“Driving the Buffalo” from Do South Magazine, June 2015

Use the following link to read Do South Magazine: http://issuu.com/urbanmag/docs/dosouthjune2015_digital/45?e=5352110/13115800

6 thoughts on ““Driving the Buffalo” in Do South Magazine

  1. Wow what a cool article. Great work! That last picture of the family looking down upon the river… Where is that? How to get to that point?

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