Completing our goals in the Ozarks


Scott raises his hands in celebration as he completes the OHT

I had the privilege of leading Scott’s first backpacking trip a few years ago. I then had the honor of capturing his final steps on the Ozark Highlands Trail to complete the traditional 165-miles of its length from Lake Fort Smith State Park to Woolum. As a fly fisherman and guide, he already had outdoor skills, so backpacking was an activity he enjoyed from the beginning.

Congratulations to Scott! We’re proud of your persistence and the fitness goals that this accomplishment represents!


Hiker-dog enjoyed her two nights on the trail, too. She celebrated by having a good chew while we loaded up for the shuttle. She is about 23 miles away from being an OHT thru-hiker. Guess I’d better be contemplating my own goals for 2017!


Thru-Hike patch earned for hiking the first 165-miles of the OHT.

2 thoughts on “Completing our goals in the Ozarks

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