Going With the Flow on Our “Home Trail”

IMG_1190rrI woke at midnight to a lightning show and intense rain. I pulled back the window curtains to get a better look then went back to sleep anticipating this morning’s walk on my “home trail,” alive with flowing water.IMG_1213rrBluffs rained down along my approach to Mc Water Falls. This was a good sign and meant I was in for a treat.IMG_1204rrMcWater Falls ran strong and the water almost seemed to generate its own breeze in the hollow below the falls.IMG_1219rrSometimes you catch yourself entranced as you look down a trail. Colors seem deeper and filled with contrast after a storm.IMG_1220rrWe heard Little Frog Bayou long before arriving at the bridge. I exclaimed to Hiker-dog, “This is how you fill up a lake!” The bridge had held strong, so we crossed but not without sitting in the middle for a few minutes to appreciate the roar.

I enjoy seeing, hearing and even feeling water when hiking in the Ozarks. The best hikes tend to be the ones where you get your feet wet. Today was no exception!

4 thoughts on “Going With the Flow on Our “Home Trail”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! We will be there next week! (We didn’t go in March as I previously thought.) I am so excited to see this great trail. We hope to spend four days on the trail.

    • Hope you enjoy the Ozark Highlands Trail. Water should still be flowing and beautiful. Just be careful about creek crossings. The trip report in this post was all from the 4-mile Lake Alma Trail.

      • I figured there would be some crazy Creek crossings! The better to prepare us for the JMT since it was a huge snow year in CA and I’m sure we will have to do some crazy Creek crossings in August there too. Any plans for you and Hiker dog to be out and about on the trail next week? It would be so fun to meet you.

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