Walking Toward Authenticity: Nimblewill Nomad


It’s startling when you come across a human being who is authentic, demonstrating a congruence between thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Nimblewill is such a person. I’ve visited with him and heard two presentations, one after his Pony Express Historic Trail and the second time after he walked Historic Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA.


As he shared honestly and emotionally from the joy he experienced on Route 66, I pictured him walking mile after mile as little pieces of pretense and imitation fell to the ground. Finally, there was only the core person walking on, completely real, alive, and true. This is the person we see now, but he has been years and many miles in the making.


On long walks, I’ve sometimes felt little flakes of my inauthentic self fall away. There might be a tinge of  pain or a gentle sense of loss, followed by a lightness of mind and spirit. Sometimes it’s a chunk of fakeness I’ve projected to others in seeking their approval. This dropping away can be a relief, even if I’m barely conscious of the change as it occurs.

Nimblewill in CA

It will take many miles before I experience even a small measure of the trueness that Nimblewill has accomplished and maintains within himself.

Regardless of the distance, it is good that we walk. Step by step, the trail will perform her sanding and buffing as we approach our more genuine selves.

Walk on Nimblewill, and we will follow you toward authenticity.

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