Peeking in my pack #2: The all-important ditty bag

This little cotton bag weighs 12 ounces loaded. Those ounces are crucial to the success of my backpacking trips. My ditty bag includes the following in separate ziplock bags as pictured:

First aid stuff: medicine and/or vitamins / ibuprofen / Triple Antibiotic Ointment / gauze / bandaids / Quick Clot gauze / Benadryl

Personal care stuff: dental floss / foot cream / Blister Shield / emery board / deodorant / sunscreen / WetWipes (one per day) / toilet paper / small bottle of Dawn soap

Repair kit: Tenacious Tape / length of cord / lens cleaner / extra camera batteries / extra SD card / extra headlamp

To keep weight low, I use small containers so I’m not carrying whole tubes of sunscreen, first aid ointment, etc.

ditty bag items

It’s tempting to save weight and leave out something since some items are rarely used. I’ve sometimes felt this way about first aid stuff, but on a recent trip, a highly skilled fellow hiker spilt some boiling water on his ankle. We were glad we had first aid items.

If you have other essentials to include in the ditty bag, please let me know (as long as they’re not heavy).

2 thoughts on “Peeking in my pack #2: The all-important ditty bag

    • Thanks for reading. The dawn is for cleaning wounds and my stinky body if I’m out there several days. It’s the small blue dropper bottle on the left of the photo so very small amount. I’ve debated leaving it out since plain water would do for wound cleaning.

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