Hiker-dog’s Sunset Photo

Reflections from sunset over Lake Alma

Reflections from sunset over Lake Alma

Credit for this photo over Lake Alma last week belongs to Hiker-dog. It was early evening, and I was tired…too tired for a short walk. Not Hiker-dog! She was beside herself, running back and forth from me to the Jeep and staring at the door as if she could will it open.  I knew she needed to get out, so we loaded up and drove four minutes to Lake Alma.

Hiker ran with joy, bouncing around and chasing every bird or butterfly in sight. While watching her and walking along the trail, I noticed the changing sky. I decided to set up my tripod and watch. Below is the skyline about six minutes before the photo above, showing just how quickly light and clouds sometimes change. This is why photographers sometimes refer to the beginning and ending of days as the “magic hour.”

A big thank you to Hiker-dog for pushing me to get outside when I wanted a lazy evening. I think she knew there were things that needed to be seen out there…and butterflies to chase.

The scene six minutes earlier.

The scene six minutes earlier.


Hiker-dog celebrating the evening

Hiker-dog celebrating the evening in the fading light.

2 thoughts on “Hiker-dog’s Sunset Photo

  1. That’s such a beautiful area! I had the pleasure of being at Lake Alma earlier this year. Took that long walk along the trail to find the small, but nice, water fall back in there. I’m glad Hiker got you out! Smart dog! Thank you for sharing!

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