Happy Places Above the Fray

Sylamore Creek Valley

Sylamore Creek Valley

My happy place is on almost any Arkansas ridge overlooking an Arkansas stream. One of my favorites is Sylamore Creek Trail north of Blanchard Springs. After just a few steps onto this trail, I feel tension leaving my shoulders and my steps become lighter. This picture is from a recent hike, Sylamore Trail, Getting Reacquainted.

Another favorite ridge-top hike is overlooking the Buffalo River in the Tyler Bend area. It provides the right mix of adventure, history of place, and sheer beauty. To see more of this area you might enjoy Buffalo River From Boxely to Pruitt in Typical Arkansas Weather.

Buffalo River

Buffalo River

My ultimate “happy place” outside of Arkansas also involves a “little stream,” but this stream formed a “little canyon” in Arizona. The Grand Canyon surrounding the Colorado River provides relaxing reflective moments when I pause to remember how it felt to stand in awe of such beauty. To take a quick trip through The Canyon with a few friends of mine, read Seeking Something Grand.

View at dusk the evening we arrived at the South Rim.

View at dusk the evening we arrived at the South Rim.

I’m thankful for the memories of these happy places and the healing effects they have on my daily life.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

5 thoughts on “Happy Places Above the Fray

  1. Those are all wonderful places! For me the Buffalo is just a magical place. I never get tired of going there. You ever do much hiking in the Ouchitas?

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