Rock House on the Ozark Highlands Trail Revisited


We began at Cherry Bend Trailhead on AR 23 hiking the Ozark Highlands Trail to the west and stopped at the Rock House before continuing toward Fane Creek. Today I remembered the cold and rainy day when Bob and I sought refuge here on our thru-hike of the OHT. Later in that trip we found Hiker-dog. I should probably plan a camping trip at the Rock House for her in the future.

Today, Bob and his wife, Dana along with Mary, Mike, and his granddaughter took a few minutes to pause and have a look. Below are a few photos from today’s visit that you might enjoy. For a little history of the Rock House, visit my earlier post, Rock House on the OHT.


Hiker investigating the Rock House 



Spring in the back corner


Wondering how much longer this stone will stay in place. 


Hiker seemed to be saying it was time to go. 

2 thoughts on “Rock House on the Ozark Highlands Trail Revisited

    • Thanks for reading! The older post linked from this one has a little history about the loggers who used the structure. One reader shared about their relative, a circuit preacher, who used the Rock House in the past. Lots of history in those Ozark woods.

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