Lake Alma Trail With Hiker-dog


Yesterday afternoon was warm, and I felt lazy. Hiker-dog, my personal trainer, forcefully said, “Let’s go!,” and so we went. Following her lead is usually wise where trails are concerned.

As we descended toward Lake Alma shaded by the bluffs, temperatures dropped, and a slight breeze danced across our path. I felt renewed and looked forward to the climb on the other side of Little Clear Creek.

The photo above was just prior to our arrival beside “Little Snake Bluff.” When Hiker-dog first joined our family, this was the spot where I remember thinking, “She really is a good dog.”

This is one of the few places I’ve named. When the Lake Alma Trail was new, I passed this short bluff with several shelves that almost grazed my ear. Curled on one shelf was a large snakeskin. This caught my attention. I like seeing snakes in the woods but don’t expect to view them, or their leftover skin, right next to my ear. When writing the trail description, “Little Snake Bluff” seemed like the right name.

hiker-1016-2rr After dropping back down to lake level, I led my buddy to the water’s edge so she could take a cooling dip. Hiker lowered herself ceremoniously into the water and drank from the surface before rising and looking toward the west. She helps me recognize gifts from the trail I might otherwise miss. I stood and looked to the west for a moment, thankful for this renewing walk.

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