Continued Gifts from the High Sierras

IMG_2885rrI’m thinking of the John Muir Trail this morning, walking some of the steps again in my memory.

My first walk through the High Sierras was a gift I’ll treasure. The memories of that walk are like continued gifts from the mountains.


Sweet smelling skypilots found between 10,000 and 14,000 feet

2 thoughts on “Continued Gifts from the High Sierras

  1. My daughter and I are going to hike part of the John Muir Trail in August!!! (permit willing) I am so excited about it. Do you have any particular part of the Ozark Highlands Trail that you would recommend as training for the JMT? We live in Kansas, so I feel like the OHT is the closest thing to us to train on. I would like to hike about 4 days (about 10 miles a day) over Spring Break. Thanks for your input!

    • That’s exciting! My first thought is to just begin at Lake Fort Smith and finish up at Cherry Bend TH on Hwy 23. That would give you about 37 miles. It would also get you off to a good beginning to thru-hiking the whole OHT in future trips. Great way to get your pack weight down, get used to your bear canister, and be sure all equipment is meeting your needs. Enjoy the preparations!

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