“Be True, Be Kind, Pay Attention” ~Carrie Newcomer

“We humans can learn to do a lot of things well, but the closer we get to what we love by nature, when we operate from our truest heart, the more potent our work and our lives become.” ~ Carrie Newcomer

I found this quote in Carrie Newcomer’s commencement speech entitled, “Three Things.” She displays a congruency between what she says musically and who she is as a person. Never famous or widely heard, her music adds great value to the world.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I want to “be true, be kind, and pay attention.”

One of my favorite recent songs by Newcomer is, “You Can Do This Hard Thing.”

I learned of Carrie Newcomer’s music while reading a book by Parker Palmer several years ago. Two thoughtful souls.

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