Everything is Holy Now

Quote Mary Chapin Carpenter  copy

As I loaded my pack for a fall trip in the Ozarks, this favorite quote came to mind and made me think. What do I really need to carry with me when walking a trail? Then a larger question came to mind. What is it I need on this walk through life?

What I’ve thought was indispensable to a happy life often proved to be insignificant clutter, based mostly on what our culture proclaims we must have. Much of what we label as sacred has shown to be hollow, or at best, a shallow imitation for holy.

I’ll place a few essentials carefully into my pack – food, water, shelter, and coffee. In addition to the pack, I’ll carry my mind and a pounding heart. The trail will provide the remainder of what I need.

As I receive what the trails have to offer, I sometimes whisper this song. “Wine from water is not so small, but an even better magic trick is that anything is here at all.”

2 thoughts on “Everything is Holy Now

  1. You recently shared your post about your cousin David and the “chance” meeting on Santa Fe Baldy, which reminded me of this particular post I had read a few years back. Had the urge to find it this morning, and this song. If you’ve never read Belden Lane’s work, this goes right along with it. I’ve been reading him lately, first his Backpacking with the Saints and now The Great Conversation: Nature and the Care of the Soul. Thanks again for this lovely post.

    • Thank you for readings (and listening). I found Belden Lane after knowing this song for several years. Backpacking with the Saints is now a favorite book. I haven’t investigated The Great Conversation but will check it out. Always glad to hear of new books! Thank you.

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