Best Gifts Carry Memories


I did some shopping in Fayetteville today. Enjoyed being where 100% of the folks were wearing masks, courteously keeping their distance, and enjoying each other’s company.

As part of my retirement from a career in education, I received a gift card from co-workers to one of my favorite stores (Pack Rat Outdoor Center). I wanted to get something that would be with me for years, reminding me of work I loved at Alma Intermediate School.

I now have a great lightweight dayhiking pack and poles that will stay together and loaded, always ready at a moment’s notice.

Thank you teachers and staff for helping me get a gift that will remind me of the good times we had influencing the lives of our students. I’m looking forward to continuing my “work” as one of your cheerleaders and biggest fans.

Before we left Fayetteville, I ran into the dad of a couple of our students. I didn’t recognize him until he said, “My kids loved working with you at school.” I told him how much I enjoyed his kids, but didn’t mention that he’d just given me what I consider the highest compliment possible. One of my mentors said years ago, “It’s important that your kids know you like them and care about them.”

Now, it’s time to study some maps and plan some hikes!


Pack and poles, a gift from my co-workers. 

PigTrailLoop quote.001

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