Photo Challenge: Serenity in Lost Valley

IMG_3990rrSerenity – The state of being calm, at peace, and untroubled. This morning I paused at this pool below the Natural Bridge and Cascade on the Lost Valley Trail. This water flows to the Buffalo National River a short distance away.  Serenity best describes what I felt while taking in this scene.

Inside the cave above Eden Falls

Inside the cave above Eden Falls

A few minutes later I sat in the darkness of  a cave above Eden Falls and light-painted this scene with my flashlight during a 15-second exposure.  The water at my feet flowed down Eden Falls, eventually blending with water flowing from under the Natural Bridge, where I sat earlier.  Inside this cave, I felt like a small piece of the world, observing in peace and serenity.to crawl more often.

The next morning I realized it took a difference set of muscles to crawl into position for this photo.  Just a little sore, but well worth it.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

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