My Morning Brew: Great Coffee on the Trail


I love coffee! On the trail, even the most disgusting instant coffee tastes pretty good, but if we can have gourmet coffee while “roughing it,” why not?

I once felt guilty about my coffee obsession, but many nutritionists now say it’s a healthy drink, so I feel no shame when enjoying my morning shot of stimulant.

There are many instants and brewing techniques out there, but I’ve learned that less is best. Some cringe when they see my backpacking version of “cowboy coffee,” but this is similar to the way professional coffee tasters do their work, so it has some credibility. It also fits into the ultra-light approach because no special equipment is required.


What you’ll need: A cup, spoon (optional), boiling hot water, and espresso grind coffee. Actually, the cup is optional if you just drink from the pot, but I’m usually making my eggs in the pot after pouring off my coffee water.

A coffee shop will do the espresso grind for you. I like a dark roast bean. The important thing is that this coffee is a powder-fine grind. Regular grinds result in a chewy brew with less flavor.

The brew:


  1. Boil creek water and pour into a cup.
  2. Add a rounded teaspoon of espresso grind coffee and let it sit on top of the water for a minute. (A palm of coffee if you don’t want to use a spoon.)
  3. Stir the coffee and let sit another minute or two. (Swirl the cup if not using a spoon.)

Enjoy a great cup of coffee, but don’t drink the sludge at the bottom of your cup. It’s biodegradable, so there’s no mess and no fuss! 

6 thoughts on “My Morning Brew: Great Coffee on the Trail

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  4. I sooo‼️👍 enjoy your post‼️👍 Also‼️ have purchased, read, & shared several copies of your Book! At 74 I still long to be out in God’s Creation‼️ Love learning His Nature‼️👍

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