Advice for Littlerbugs

LAT Trash_7

View of Lake Alma from the dam

This cool rainy morning was perfect for picking up trash on the Lake Alma Trail. The sight of trash in the Ozarks sometimes interrupts my enjoyment of the walk. I try to contain my emotional response to seeing an abandoned cup because it confuses Hiker-dog. She’s always happy in the woods and worries if I’m not enjoying my time, too.

LAT Trash_4

I’ve wondered what folks are thinking when they toss trash on the trail, so I decided to Google it. Didn’t find any explanations of the litterbug’s inner thinking, but the Journal of Applied Social Psychology published a study that confirmed something I’ve long suspected: “The littering rate was…lowest in a clean environment.” I was surprised to learn that positive (“Pitch-In”), and negative (“Littering is Unlawful”) signs had the same minor effect on reducing litter. It’s sad to see anti-littering signs in natural areas.

Since they are not likely to stop, I decided to list a few pieces of advice for litterbugs. If you know anyone guilty of littering, please pass these along.

  1. Leave your trash on the trail rather than tossing it off of the path where it’s difficult for volunteers to retrieve in poison ivy and greenbriers.
  2. Leave the labels on your water bottles. When you tear off the label, volunteers then have two pieces of trash to pick up. This pisses off some volunteers, and we don’t want to see angry people on our hiking trails.
  3. If you are unable to resist the urge to take a dump right next to the trail, please pick up the book, How to Shit in the Woods and give it a read.
  4. Please leave contact information on your trash (or next to it in the case of human excrement), so we can fill your email inbox with words of thanks for practicing “courteous” littering and providing us with volunteer opportunities.
LAT Trash Hiker_4

Hiker-dog on top of the LAT Dam

We only saw a few pieces of trash on the trail this morning, but cooler temperatures reminded me that Arkansas’ hiking season is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to sharing Five Star Trails: The Ozarks at several fall events. I might even include a few Leave No Trace reminders just in case any litterbugs wander in by accident.

LAT Trash_1

Five pieces of trash were found on the trail with the remainder found in the picnic area.

4 thoughts on “Advice for Littlerbugs

  1. Thank you for addressing the littering. The Trail Blazers were scheduled to help with the litter pick up at Lake Ft Smith this morning but got rained out. Some of us didn’t think it was necessary because it always seems clean. Not sure if the Rangers pick up trash or hikers are obeying Leave No Trace, which is fantastic. I have hiked Lake Alma 11 times since end of May and I always pick up at least 1 bag of trash if not 2 bags. Still a lot trash off the trail but waiting till after the poison Ivy dies to start picking up that trash. Sure wish the fishermen would take the styrofoam worm boxes up to the trash cans. Also picked up a lot of fishing line which is so dangerous to the wildlife & turtles. I love the Lake Alma Trail & would also love to go all the way around the lake & never see trash.
    LEAVE NO TRACE! Keep America Beautiful!

  2. Litterers have no respect for nature or for the rest of us. I especially liked number 4 on your list of advice for litterers. Oh, and thank you for picking up litter. Every little bit helps increase our enjoyment of hiking.

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